Our Work In Action 2017/18 Highlights

Young people are becoming increasingly disconnected from farming, food production and the outdoor world. At the same

time, we are seeing an increase in young people becoming more active via social media around food - the latest research
(YouthSight) involving 16-24 year olds shows that young people now associate themselves with ‘food tribes’ rather than social groups based around music, as once was the case. Young people are fitting into social groups around health and wellbeing, fitness/nutrition, veganism, flexitarianism (a new buzz word for those that eat meat only a couple of days a week), and those into their craft beers and gins. With this in mind, LEAF Education has had the foresight to focus on this future generation and work with secondary school age young people. Key to this is working to inspire a future generation about farming, food and the countryside; highlighting opportunities available to them, both academic, skill based, opening their eyes to future career routes and promoting health and wellbeing.

LEAF Education will continue to lead the way in engaging with young people and having a positive impact on their lives, learning and health. We will carry on working with individuals and organisations that share this passion. As we look ahead to the next academic year, we are excited to develop further our collaborative work and open more opportunities for the industry to interact with young people; and ultimately for young people to become more enthused about farming, food and the countryside.

LEAF Education Annual Report 2017/18

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