Farming and biodiversity at Ramsbury Estates

Ramsbury Estates have had an amazing year completing 25 school visits and several other tours!  The Duke of Burgundy Butterfly conservation project was a huge success with 7 primary schools and 240 children taking part. The farm manager visited schools early in the year to explain about the Duke of Burgundy’s decline and why we needed the children’s help.  After a busy interactive planting session, he left them to look after and grow Cowslip plugs, the caterpillar’s favourite food source.  In April there was a very busy week planting the plugs alongside those grown on the farm and included a farm tour, walk and picnic too. 

In September Ramsbury was involved with Newbury Show and an extremely busy two days of seed bomb making with hundreds of children and families stopping to join in the fun! 

Next year they will continue with this work and embark on a Dormouse conservation project that links farming and conservation together and are in particular looking for secondary students and above to embark on a Game project too!  Ramsbury Estates will provide the game and the students will turn it into a delicious product to enhance a healthy diet.  This project could cover numerous curriculum areas from GCSE food and nutrition to Business studies.