Tractors into School

Together with FACE member the Lincolnshire Agricultural Society, FACE trained farmers to work with local schools. 

The Lincolnshire Agricultural Society gathered together farmers keen to link with local schools and developed their own “Tractors into Schools” programme.

 FACE Regional Co-ordinator, Bobbie Harvey, carried out a training session with the farmers to make sure the visits would be safe and age-appropriate.

 A report in the NFU Farmer & Grower magazine said “FACE’s regional co-ordinator Bobbie Harvey provided practical advice and wowed everyone with her suggestions for activities including turning the children into a moving, noise-making facsimile of a combine harvester.”

 We are grateful to funding from the Ernest Cook Trust which helped support this collaboration.

if you have an idea for creating links between farms and schools, contact us to discuss the bespoke training and advice that we can offer.