How training helped one farmer

CEVAS training was invaluable for this farmer as a way to get started with visits from schools.

Cambridgeshire farmer Judith Jacobs learnt the benefits of both CEVAS training and FACE membership and has worked closely with FACE  Regional Co-ordinators.

“Once I started doing the visits I found I really enjoyed them, so things grew quickly,” she says. Having initially worked with her local village school in Newborough, Peterborough, Judith approached schools in and around Peterborough to see if teachers would be interested to bring their classes to visit.

“I found getting into schools quite difficult,” she says. “Teachers tend to think farm visits are too risky, so unless they understand what you’re doing they can be reluctant to listen.”

Having taken CEVAS farmer training, she knew that some of the biggest concerns were around health and safety, so she drew up her own farm risk assessment which she gives to teachers to form the basis of their own.

She also invited teachers onto the farm so that they can look around ahead of a visit to familiarise themselves with it, and get a sense of what learning experiences the farm could offer.

Once you’ve established that link it's fine. Once a teacher finds me they stick with me and they come back year after year bringing different classes.
Judith Jacobs, Cambridgeshire farmer