Chef on the Farm

FACE has worked with the Royal Academy of Culinary Arts over several years to deliver our Chef on the Farm project during which pupils visit a farm where they also have the opportunity to cook with a professional chef.

Loved how practical it was. Will be able to pass what I have learnt to others. We will use the scientific enquiry exercise to help the staff think about their practice.

Our Chef on the Farm project offers a one-day experience where pupils spend part of their day investigating what goes on at the farm, finding out what the farmer grows and cares for.  They also have the opportunity to work with an experienced chef to learn some culinary skills and prepare lunch which the whole class sits down to share.

This is a popular project which cultivates social skills alongside the acquisition of knowledge about where our food comes from.

Everything about the day worked perfectly and the content was well planned so that the children were given bite size information could easily be digested and retained.On arrival, when the children arrived and asked what was for lunch, 'Vegetable soup' was not the popular answer (and thats an understatement!) However when they got in the kitchen and were donned with chefs hats and some proper cheffing knives their attitudes soon changed! They came alive when cutting all the beautiful fruit and veg and Idris was brilliant with them - really commanding their attention and teaching them how to be responsible in the kitchen. The lunch that they made of vegetable soup, fresh bread and fruit salad was DELICIOUS. Every child- without fail- went up for seconds and even thirds with many saying that they had 'never been allowed to cook before' but now they would go home and cook for their mum and dad. More importantly some saying that they had never wanted to eat vegetables before but would now consider it.
Olivia Davies, work placement student Warwickshire College