Background & History

Farming & Countryside Education came into existence in 2001 as a result of the foot and mouth crisis when it was realised that there was a general lack of information about farming and food production.

The NFU’s Education Millennium Trust and the Royal Agricultural Society of England’s Food and Farming Education Service merged to form FACE under the direction of newly-appointed Bill Graham.

The Charity’s objects were to advance the public’s education, in particular the education of children of school age in farming, food production and the countryside, in such ways as the Trustees may from time to time determine.

From the outset FACE aimed to provide individual pupils with an opportunity to learn more about food and farming in a sustainable countryside.  This was achieved through four key areas of activity:

  • developing curriculum resources for schools
  • encouraging visits to the countryside
  • underpinning its work through monitoring and research
  • working in partnership

See the highlights of FACE’s first fifteen years in our timeline.